Since 1985, our company imports LPG tanks in all sizes from 250 liters to 5000 liters to satisfy all the needs of a client.

The unique characteristics of  LPG allow you to have total control of the temperature, instant response and a stable function. These unique characteristics make it an excellent choice for cooking, heating, cooling, heating water for domestic use, washing of cooking vessels, and all these with the minimum need for maintenance. It is no coincidence that in the vast majority of the catering industry, LPG is always the first choice. The fact that LPG offers so many advantages such as easy to install equipment, stable performance, availability throughout the year independent of region and its competitive price guarantee the continuous expansion of its usage in all industries:

  • Houses

  • Hotels and catering industry

  • Industries and craftsmanships

  • Bakeries, bakery and pastry making workshops

  • Educational institutions

  • Laundry shops, Washing Machines, Dry Cleaning

  • Car Dyers

  • Medical clinics

  • Sport centers

  • Recreational ares

  • Poultry farms

  • Livestock Farms

  • Cafeterias

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