LPG cylinders are a trustworthy liquid LPG supply system. The LPG in cylinders is available everywhere as it can be easily transferred. Georgios Kittiras Ltd started the supply of gas cylinders in 1977. 

Our company represents the LPG suppliers of EKO Company (Hellenic Petroleum) in the province of Nicosia. 

In the domestic and business area, LPG cylinders are mostly used for cooking, for indoors and outdoors heating and for heating water for domestic use. Furthermore, catering devices that use LPG in cylinders allow for great speed in the production process, for immediate and efficient customer service. It is not a coincidence that in catering industry LPG in cylinders is so dominant. Accordingly, the use of LPG in smaller size cylinders meets a high acceptance also from the domestic consumer, who profits from the usage of LPG in cooking. 

Also LPG gas heating can be done either with portable heaters or with wall-mounted boilers, which provide a wealth of advantages as they can easily replace systems that previously operated with other fuel types, ensuring autonomous and economical operation, safety and respect for environment. A great advantage of LPG in cylinders is the use of outdoor areas by cafeterias and restaurants even during winter using external LPG heaters.

Our company offers three kinds of LPG in cylinders: 10 kilos, 35 kilos and 50 kilos.

10 kilos

These LPG cylinders are mostly for domestic use (heaters, external barbecues etc)

35 kilos

The 35 kilos LPG cylinders are used for water heaters, cafeterias and for heating. They can be used independently or sequentially with the installation of a LPG regulator.

50 kilos

The 50 kilos LPG cylinders are mainly used by restaurants for providing controlled flame in cooking. They are ideal in cases that an LPG tank cannot be installed due to limited space or low consumption.They can be used independently or sequentially with the installation of a LPG regulator.

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LPG Advantages:

tickPure flame burning
tickInstant Heating
tickEnvironment Friendly

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